YogaLight community classes!

YogaLight is all about community and making Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness accessible for everyone.

We’ve handpicked some of our most popular classes, along with teachers who are doing some amazing work in New Zealand for all to enjoy!

Popular classes on YogaLight

Yin For Mindfulness

A specially designed class to stretch the body and calm the mind.

Class Details
Yin/Mindfulness with Tash Lockie
27 mins

Dynamic Vinyasa Class

Dynamic vinyasa flow focusing on the journey rather than the destination.

Class Details
Vinyasa with Ali Kirkpatrtick
40 mins

Lower Back Support

This thoughtful sequence can be used as a preventive to support a healthy back, or on days when your lower back is feeling agitated or sensitive.

Class Details
Hatha with Caroline Mastreani
40 mins

Connect With Baby Meditation

This class is part of our extensive Prenatal Yoga Series; be still and go inwards to connect with your Little One in this heart centered, guided meditation. 

Class Details
Meditation with Tash Lockie
10 mins

Family Yoga Sun Salutations

This Seedling Yoga Sun Salutations class is for the whole family! Join Sara as she takes you through an active practice with poses such as Unicorn, Dog and Cobra!

Class Details
Hatha with Sara Warnock
10 mins

6 Week Beginner Course – Week 1

This Beginner’s Class is a taster of our 6 week course where you will be guided through a Hatha style class to increase flexibility, strength and general wellbeing.

Class Details
Beginner Yoga with Tash Lockie
60 mins

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